Odd Search Behavior with latest update 3.23.0

edited August 2022 in Bug Reports

My default list for adding items is Most Frequent (All). When I click the + to add an item, the search is indeed set to Most Frequent. However, if I go the search preferences, that is no longer an option. Only Most Recent and Best Match are options. Restarting the app will set it back to Most Frequent.

Also, the Most Frequent list has entries for things I've never entered like raw broccoli. Yes, I probably should eat more broccoli.... but I don't expect it to be in the list for Most Frequent.

It seems that something is confused when building the search list. Also, btw, the keyboard now pops up right away even though I usually scroll down the Most Frequent list to select an item.

Thanks... Scott

(originally posted this to the Help topic but it seems like more of a bug.)

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