How to calculate and enter "breading" for fried chicken into Cronometer diary

Found a good deal on some organic chicken thighs over at Sprouts so picked some up and I’m making “Fried Chicken” right now in my air fryer. But, a question came to mind.

How, exactly do you calculate the macros on the breading? I’m using coconut flour, egg white and then a final coating of homemade Pork Panko.

I only cooked a couple of thighs so there was some of the coating mixture left over. I didn’t think to weigh it out before I tossed it in the garbage (since it was contaminated by raw chicken) so I honestly don’t know how much actually made it into the air fryer.
Any suggestions? I weighed out how much went into each dredging bowl so I at least have that info to start with.

And as a side question, how do you enter foods that you've deep fried in oil?

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