creating High, Medium and Low calorie days?


Can anyone please explain how I can save a whole day as you can meals so that I can save making amendments everyday whilst on plan. I wish to create High, Medium and Low calorie days as cycling calories whilst cutting to collate with fatigue management and glycogen loading requirement's based on energy expenditure etc.

Thank you for any help. Really appreciated.

All the Best


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    Hi Rich, for now, I dedicated a date in my calendar for this kind of setup and I am copying the whole day over to the new days. Indeed it would be very helpful to have a list of days like we have for foods or recipes. Maybe it is possible, let's see if we get some input from other users or the development team.

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    Thanks for the work around and replay.

    It would be really handy addition to the app, especially if you had clients to coach. I give myself x amount of H M. L days and they change each week. This depends on muscle group recovery and how physically demanding my day on work has been. No week is ever same and there are so many variables when It comes downsto recovery.

    I would love to see this function added.

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    edited September 2022

    What does this even mean? You're seriously asking for menus to be added? You want fixed menus for high medium or low calorie days and don't want to have to put the foods in to track??? Just copy and paste one of each when it happens from a prior day. It takes no time at all. This is an excessive IT request with no solution IMO. And HOW in the world would they user test it (speaking as someone who had this enormous managerial function years ago.) You're asking for an entirely different system AND one that I'd charge you big bucks to build AND USE.Let alone more important priorities like putting the darn EPA DHA breakdown under Omega 3 and updating the source for Omega 3 to be ACCURATE. Omega 3 - the element that can cause cardiac failure and strokes? Not menu building.

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