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It would be nice if when adding a food, you could add a "Base food off" section, where you can choose what food to import any non-entered nutrients off - similar to Foodworks.


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    Hello @tf2manu994 ,

    This sounds like a really interesting feature idea - filling in the gaps in nutrient information for brand name products by entering the complete nutrition profile from roughly equivalent foods in the database.

    Our approach to this problem, is to recommend adding the generic version of the food from the NCCDB and USDA sources instead of the brand name product. This will give you the most nutrient information in your food diary. We also have a curation team that marks brand name foods with a better alternative - foods that have more complete nutrient profiles. When a better alternative for a food is identified, we offer this suggestion when you select the food to add to your diary.

    Check out more tips to getting the best nutrition data on our blog:


    Karen Stark
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