Integration with the OURA Ring

Good day,
Was wondering if there were any plans for integrating with the OURA Ring data/API. This would prove to be extremeley useful giving the sleep and activity data it provides combined with nutritional tracking from CRON-O-METER.


  • Hi @musicwiz97. We've got this on our todo list, but not yet sure when we'll get to it.

  • Hey Aaron! Any update on the OURA ring integration?

  • I too am very much looking forward to the OURA ring integration!

  • I am excited that the Ōura Ring integration is in the works. Hoping to see it soon!

  • I thought there was a vote option, adding a +1

  • Timing is everything? Oura / Ōura Ring got added today.

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    @GregD & anyone else interested, you can learn more about the new Oura integration here:

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    This is great, good job, thank you!

  • So happy about this integration!! Do you have any details about the frequency with which the data syncs from Oura to our diary? If something synced mid-day yesterday with incomplete data, for example, will it go back and edit/update the entry the next day once it has a full data set?

  • I too would be interested of knowing more about the syncing schedule between Oura and Cronometer?

    At the moment it feels a bit random, and even all the data can be found from the Oura cloud and app, the Cronometer seems to be updating itself randomly at different times of the day. Also, the activity and sleep data are not updating at the same time. Is there a way to force a complete sync yourself?

    Would be convenient if the sync would happen several times during the day like wuth Apple Health so that you could follow how the activity calorie burn develops during the day.


  • Great to see the integration with the OURA ring! A big thank you to you guys!
    I'm seeing the sleep duration and the resting heart rate being synced. Would it be possible to add other data like readiness/sleep/activity scores or average HRV during night time to the syncing list?

    Thanks a lot for considering!

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