Adding custom foods always fails catastrophically with using non English characters and/or punctuati

Hello there :). There is a very persistent problem with your site's function:
Unexpected Error
An unexpected error occurred on the server.

Please contact support@cronometer.com if the problem persists.

Web Server Error 500**

This is 100% reproducible and severely annoying. I have to censor myself or others to remove from each word/sentence the important characters such as:
„Polish quote marks”, „ ” » « ‘ ’ (proper punctuation – also allows to see easier where start and end of a quote is even when using the multiple types for nesting quotes within quotes sometimes).
ellipsis … (three dots is proper punctuation),
– — (pause and long pause — proper punctuation),

and most other Polish sounds/lettters: ą ć ę ó ł ń ś ź ż – lowercase and capital – Ą Ć Ę Ń Ó Ł Ś Ż Ź.

I keep forgetting about this and have to very annoyingly restart adding all the details all over every time!

What can you do about this? Please fix this ASAP. — Kind regards – PAWEŁ (your about 10 years long loyal user. Occasional gold subscriber).


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    Additional related problem:

    Comma characater: , is not recognized as a decimal separator. About half of the world uses commas like this: „The mineral content in miligrams per 100g was 6,9.” A sentence with „The mineral content in miligrams per 100g was 6.9.” would be confusing as there is only one value: 6 and 9 tenths, rrather than two values of 6 and 9.

    The problem is that too often people make mistakes (including me) when adding and/or editing foods because for example 6,9 mg becomes 69mg! A huge difference.
    (It'd be nice to also have the website use commas rather than dots at least for non English).

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