PLU Codes (Cross listed with other produce)

It would greatly increase usability if produce was cross-listed with their PLU codes. The Produce Marketing Assoc and Int'l Federation of Produce Standards (PMA; IFPS) have the PLU code database on their site.

If the sticker is on the fruit t's easier to enter #3283 into Crono than it is to write Honeycrisp. Secondly, there are instances where the PLU code doesn't name the variety, so I have to look it up, then enter it. I know that the nutritional info isn't always listed for each item, and Crono doesn't have every item in the database, but for the ones that do, it would help. The first image shows the problem: I don't remember which plum this is. The second image also shows how entering 4 characters would also possibly reduce user error in entering an item.

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