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Hi there,
I would LOVE it if you could provide access to the Aussie NZ database too. I fi d it difficult to find the raw, fresh ingredient sometimes. I’m getting good at search g for American names for things but there is still a lot missing from the normal Aussie diet.



  • Hi @nmerchy ,
    Are there any foods specifically that you are missing? We can add them to our lists of foods we are prioritizing adding to the database!

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  • Hi Hilary,
    I eat Keto so it is mostly meat, dairy products that I’m struggling with. We have different cream products here so plain cream, thickened cream, double cream. Also raw meat varieties for recipe creation. If I put in fish, there is salmon or a whole heap of breaded varieties not just plain old raw fish fillets (of any variety). Having some of our supermarket brands from Woolworths, Coles or ALDI for cheese, coconut cream, nuts, cold cuts etc would be great. Also there are none of the varieties of Avacado that we have available in Oz.
    Is having the Aus NZ database available on the road map for you guys?

    BTW - I really love the app, thank you. Most the time I can find something similar in the database that I use.

    Feature request- can we have a place to input kJ as well as cal? Would save us not from the USA having to leave to leave the app to use a converter. If you are part way though a custom food and leave the app it loses everything. It’s pretty frustrating.

  • Check out a recent blog post here to learn more about finding the most accurate and complete data with Cronometer.

    One of the most important points for you will be finding the best data source. I recommend filtering your search to NCCDB foods, or using the search tab named "Common Foods". Then enter your search term. Most times, the best data is found on the generic food entries, so you should try to use those instead of branded items anyways for the most accurate data.

    For dairy products look at the % Fat value in order to select the appropriate cream entry. For instance; "Heavy Cream" can be used in place of Thickened cream and "Half and Half" can be used in place of Pouring cream. It doesn't look like we have an entry for Double Cream or any version of that, so I would suggest creating a custom food for yourself from the nutrition facts table found on the cream container that you have purchased. We will add this to our list of foods to add as well.

    Options for Raw meats are also available. Simply enter the search term and either use the common foods filter or filter to only USDA results.

    There are many different Varieties of fish, and you will find entries for these under their specific names. Search for Fish names such as Haddock, Tilapia, Cod, Halibut, Snapper, Flounder, Tuna, etc. to find more specific nutrition data than "Fish"

    For now, for Avocados, you could probably safely choose "Avocados, Raw, All Commercial Varieties".

    We are looking to add more foods from international databases, so finding what our international users are looking for is important to us! Thanks!

    We do have the option to view the Australia/NZ Nutrition label, (Use the drop down menu at the top of the Label on your web version) and you should always be able to see the kJ value as well as the kcal value in the Edit Food Screen. This is not a default option currently, but it is definitely a good idea.
    Because we are a Canadian based company, we are not as familiar with Australian standards. Perhaps you could help us out; is it the norm for Australians to use kj instead of kcal when measuring energy, both from a nutritional and exercise point of view?

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  • I realise that my response is about a year after the last comment, but (and if you haven't read it elsewhere yet, kJ is only used on labels in a large number of countries outside of North America.

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  • You got it, @Markjowen !
    I just posted this in another thread as well, but Cronometer has the option to change your label type! Use the drop-down menu above the nutrition facts table when creating a custom food.
    Unfortunately in the diary and reports we only use Calories, however we hope to rectify this in the future!

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