Shopping for smartwatch replacement strap

I recently bought an Amazfit Band 5 smartwatch.

It's a nice smartwatch, but it's too loose for the narrowest part of my wrist when on the tightest setting. I end up having to slide it towards my forearm, but that's not how you're supposed to wear a watch.

Yes, I have a narrow wrist - about 6 inches in circumference. It feels like Amazfit is skinny-shaming me, as if real men eat at The Cheesecake Factory and Kentucky Fried Cholesterol.

So I need to find a replacement strap for my smartwatch. How do I go about shopping for one? Unfortunately, none of the local stores carry the right strap for me, so I'll have to buy online.

There are so many replacement straps available. How do I focus ONLY on the ones compatible with my model of smartwatch? And when I find those possible straps, how do I know if they will actually fit my wrist?

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