How long for new NCC foods to be added to Cronometer's NCCDB?

How long does it normally take for new foods that NCC adds to their database to get replicated and available in Cronometer's NCCDB copy? I subscribe to the NCC newsletter b/c I'm want to know whenever they new stuff b/c if it's something I eat then I want that complete nutrient profile.

In the August newsletter, they listed Whisp Parm Crisps as one of the new foods added, and I buy this all the time at Costco. I log it as Parmesan Cheese, Hard which is probably the same thing, but I'm curious as to how NCC food additions replicate to Cronometer?

Sounds like maybe all NCC subscribers have their own copy of the database to maintain and have to manually import new foods, which sounds not exactly simple. But what is general time period b/t NCC updates and Cronometer database updates?


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