How can I track caffeine?

I would like to see how much caffeine I'm using, I don't want to take in too much.
I can add it to a food, and I can track coffee etc, but when I look on the Diary page at the nutrient targets and lists, I can't find caffeine anywhere.
Do I need to change a setting somewhere?


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    edited January 2018

    Caffeine should be visible by default, however if it is not, you can make it visible by the following steps:
    1) Select the 'Profile' Tab
    2) In the 'Nutrient Targets' section, and find the nutrient
    3) Select the ''Visible'' check box next to the nutrient

    If you are a Gold user you can easily track caffeine by making it the last column in your diary. Select the Gear Icon and then "Diary Settings". Then select Caffeine from the drop-down menu under "Last Column in Diary Shows".

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    thanks, I found it :)
    It wasn't marked as visible, now it is.

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    I have my caffeine visible and its still not tracking it at all

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