Apple Watch and iphone widgets show macros in grams not kcals

Currently the widgets for ios on the watch and iphone show total calories consumed, the proportional percentages with the rings and if the large version of the widgets shows in text the kcal from protein/fat/carbs consumed. It would be more useful for macro tracking to have the option (or a second widget) that shows the total kcal consumed but the macros in grams


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    edited November 2023

    Seconded. the widget showing the macros in kcal is really weird and honestly (at least to me) useless

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    Found this while trying to search for how to change this, and seems like we're stuck with it this way? If there is a way to change to grams, please let me know. Else Cronometer, please let us choose that. Many widgets I use on iOS have widget settings, would be nice to add this as an option in those settings.

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