Anyone testing the dexcom integration?

I'm not entirely clear on where it would show up. I don't have the gold account... so maybe I can't see the link to the dexcom? When I go to "settings" and "devices" I successfully linked the dexcom, but when I click on "force sync" I get an error message.


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    Hi @SBGH thanks for reporting this! Your data should automatically import to the diary. Have you been able to import any readings? Are you able to send a screenshot of the error message you're receiving to beta@cronometer.com thanks!

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    Hi, no, I haven't gotten any readings to import. I've tried a number of times on different days. I just emailed screenshots of error messages. thx!

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    edited February 2023

    I just linked Dexcom and can’t find it anywhere in the app. The only mention of it is on the linked device page. Please advise @Tamsin

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    Yes, I'm a gold user and successfully using the DEXCOM G7.

    The data appears in the same location as my BP & BPM alongside the G7 or Keto Mojo.

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    I'm currently using the DEXCOM G7 and it appears (after a fairly long delay) in the "Uncategorized" group.

    I and other diabetics really need the blood glucose measurement to be tracked before meals to help us manage our disease. A "copy current reading to group" selector and button or button and subsequent menu would be a huge improvement on the blood glucose page. Similarly, we need to be able to attribute our insulin dosages imported from the DEXCOM G7 app to meal-times as well.

    Alternatively, a better implementation, might be to have a "Start group" button that would tie subsequently imported data to the given group until the next group was chosen. That way, I could add groups for daily exercise and bedtime to more effectively track my food intake, energy consumed, glucose measurements, insulin intake, and other imported data.

    Finally, I and many other insulin dependent diabetics would likely appreciate an insulin calculator based on meal net-carbs and blood glucose measurement. The calculation is pretty simple, and is divided into two parts. Insulin needed to counter the net-carbs to be consumed at a meal and the insulin needed to drive the blood glucose measured at the start of the meal down to a target value. These two values are added together to determine how much fast-acting insulin to take before the meal.

    The net-carbs calculation uses the grams of net-carbs to be consumed divided by a user-settable conversion factor in grams of net-carbs per unit of insulin that is a fixed point number from 1.0 to tens or hundreds with a precision of at least tenths. My insulin resistance, post COVID is extremely high, so I use a factor 1.8 grams of net-carbs per unit. Most diabetics would have a much larger factor. So, for example, if I plan to consume 30g of net carbs in my meal, I need to take 30g / 1.8 = 16.7 units of fast acting insulin.

    The blood glucose dependent calculation has two user-settable factors. The first is the desired target blood glucose value in (US measures) milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). The second factor takes the current blood glucose measurement, subtracts the target blood glucose value, and divides by the factor in mg/dL per unit (U) of insulin, which is another fixed point number in tenths. My current target and factor are 100mg/dL desired target and a factor of a unit of insulin per 1.5 mg/dL over my targeted glucose measurement. So, if my current blood glucose measurement is: 150mg/dL, then I'd need to take, (150 - 100) / 1.5 = 33.3 units of fast acting insulin.

    The two insulin measures are added together, so at this mealtime, with this planned meal, I'd need to take: 50 units of fast acting insulin to account for my current blood glucose and meal.

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    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your invaluable feedback regarding the DEXCOM G7 integration in Cronometer. Your insights and suggestions provide a clear understanding of the crucial functionalities needed to better manage blood glucose and insulin dosages effectively.

    We acknowledge the 3-hour delay in importing data from DEXCOM G7 due to legal reasons, which can affect real-time tracking. Your proposed enhancements offer promising avenues to address these challenges and improve user experience for individuals managing diabetes.

    Your input is immensely valuable in shaping the future of Cronometer, and we are committed to delivering features that cater to the specific needs of our users. We will keep you updated on any developments regarding these enhancements.

    Thank you once again for your insightful suggestions and for being a part of the Cronometer community.


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    Why are units of insulin imported from Dexa G7 as 100% less than recorded? e.g 14 units recorded show up as 0.14 units given.

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    @martigrimes Oddly, I don't see the same thing you are seeing. 10u in the Dexcom G7 app is showing up in cronometer as 10u as well. Is there a units setting in either application that may be causing units to be displayed as mL?

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    Thanks for the response. Must be my settings. Spoke with dexcom. She said that they are working on insulin usage reports.

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