Why does Chronomter show zero potassium in ground beef?

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Update 40 minutes after posting the question below - I had specifically chosen the 'Sprouts 85/15 grass fed ground beef' and that specific listing doesn't have most of the vitamins and mineral values listed, but other 85/15 ground beef listings do, so I will just choose another listing that has complete info. Still learning chronometer...

~~A simple Google search shows that there are 318 mg potassium in 100 grams of 85/15 ground beef, but Chronometer shows zero (0) grams, does anybody know why? I have not checked the accuracy of any of the other vitamins/minerals against a Google search, but this caught my attention. Today was my first time using Chronometer, and this discrepancy concerns me.
Thank you for any help!~~

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    As you noticed, brand name items frequently have incomplete info because they only provide what they are required to put on the nutrition label.

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