Gold Membership Not Syncing w/ iOS & No Response From Support

edited October 2022 in Help

I have paid for Gold Membership, and it is not working on my phone, and I've been stuck on the free version for two weeks and have sent multiple unresponsive support tickets.

Two weeks ago, I had to update my credit card through the Apple App Store to continue my Gold Membership, but it seemed not to be syncing. Georgie helped me turn it back on through the support email, but it seems to have "switched off," and I'm now back to the free version. I've emailed Georgie twice with no response. I have opened a new support email, no response. I'm pretty frustrated as I paid for the Gold membership, and I'm getting no features.

I thoroughly enjoy using Cronometer Gold and have told most, if not all, my friends to use it, but something has to give. I've lost almost two weeks of my Gold membership which renews monthly.

Also, I want to tag this but it seems no tags have been created - what gives?

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