Oats, And Their Cooking

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Hello! I recently made this recipe and imported it. But when it comes to which ingredient to use/calories per serving size, I'm a bit stumped.

The recipe calls for raw oats, but I won't be eating them until they're cooked. So, should I use cooked oats when making the recipe in Cronometer just for accuracy of calories/weight/serving? A serving is 177 grams either way just based on the math, and I'm pretty sure that since I made the recipe (that is, when I made it in Cronometer) I used raw oats, an actual serving would be double that when I go to eat it...right?

Like I said, I am pretty sure, I just could use the affirmation/confirmation so I know it's fine to have a 340g (cooked!) serving of this stuff! A 171-gram serving (the weight given in Cronometer for 1 serving, after the fact) is a bit sad-looking...

Here is the recipe as it shows in Cronometer, Desktop version.


Edit: Er, wait, actually...I set it as "4 servings" in the recipe, but since oats double up when cooked...wouldn't it be 8 servings once it's done? Maybe I'm overthinking this, but!


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    The Raw Oats dry weight is what you should use for the recipe

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    Yes, you ARE overthinking this. It's easier than you think to create a recipe. You simply put in the ingredients you're using. You don't need to think about whether they will "double up" after cooking--the calories in X grams of raw oats does not change when that amount of oats is cooked. If you're making 4 servings of oatmeal, you enter 4 servings of UNCOOKED oats plus 4 servings of your milk and whatever else you add when making the recipe.

    When you then set the recipe to give 4 servings and you add 1 serving to your diary, it's accurate.

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