Two accounts log in at same time

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How can I log in to both my husband's and my account at the same time on the same computer? I have asked this question in the past and got no response. I have emailed the company with this question and got no response. I would hate to have to go to another app because I have a ton of recipes in this one but it would be easier to add those to a new program than to have to continually log out and in and then back out again to go to the other account. I may have to do this up to 4 times for one meal OR write everything down and then go back later to log it all in only to find out that I did not meet my goals for that meal. If it is possible, let me know how to do it. If it is not possible, then let me know if you know of an app you would recommend that offers this capability plus what Cronometer does so that I can do this. Cronometer has been amazing, I have been able to lose over 40 lbs. Many, many thanks.


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