Kirkland Rotisserie Chicken shows zero amino acids

I just ate/entered 640 grams of Kirkland Rotisserie chicken. It's the rotisserie chicken that they cook at Costco and sell for $5.00. Cronometer shows the huge amount of protein but all of the amino acids show up as zero. I'm thinking that the entry may be incorrect since chicken is supposed to be a good source of amino acids. Since I ate such a huge amount of the chicken I was expecting to see more amino acids. I'm new to cronometer.


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    First of all, amino acids ARE protein, so if the listing shows protein, it's not "incorrect", strictly speaking. It's simply lacking detail. The reason for that would be that if those details aren't supplied in the nutrition info that Kirkland gives (and it's not required to be supplied in such detail, only a total protein listing is required), then Crono isn't able to supply it in THEIR listing.

    I've found that, as far as details go, I get WAY better results from entering a more generic item than a brand name. In this case, if you search "rotisserie chicken" under the "Common Foods" heading rather than "Kirkland Rotisserie Chicken" under "Brand Names", you'll see the information you're looking for.

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    Agree with the above. I've all but eliminated brands, as they rarely have the complete nutritional listing the government databases have. You can also create custom foods so you can take a generic but complete source, and use it as a base to create your brand as a custom and more complete entry.

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