New GUI - Not a Fan!

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I do not like the new GUI on the PC.

The month calendar is gone, replaced with a back a day, forward a day widget. Yes, clicking on it opens the calendar, but it's an extra click to get to another day as opposed to JUST one click. I make most of my diary entries by copying items from prior days. This is now MORE effort.

Everything is bigger now, too big, even for an old blind guy like me. It's a full 3 down clicks to scroll through the diary window. I think it was one, maybe two before. I see much less information in a window

Way too much scrolling. at a minimum please add a user zoom in the app, better yet allow me to choose which GUI I want (the old one)

This is NOT an improvement

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    I am not a fan either! I want to go back to the old site. This new site is extremely unpleasant to use. Way too much scrolling, I want the calendar back, and the design in general looks clunky and childish due to the rounding of corners and the excessive white space.

    For users on a Mac computer and using Safari, you can somewhat ameliorate the horrible redesign sizing issues by opening a page with Cronometer, going to the Safari Preferences > Websites > Page Zoom. You should see a list of "Currently Open Websites" and see Cronometer listed there with a drop down box that says 100%.

    In the drop down box, select something different. Sadly, the only choices smaller than 100% are 85%, 75% and 50%. Nothing in between. 75% works to restore the site to a reasonable level of information on one screen. 50% is a touch small for me, but others may like it. Although, if you use your browser window as maximized like me, it will also clearly highlight the level of wasted space to the left and right where your calendar could have gone :(

    Changing these settings should remain whenever you close or reopen the site, so no need to do it every time. Do make sure that the setting at the bottom of the Page Zoom called "When visiting other websites" is set at 100% to keep all your other pages at their normal size.

    Again, this is for Safari on a Mac computer. I'm not sure of the procedure for other browsers, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to figure out.

    If Cronometer insists on keeping this site redesign, then I agree with the poster above, at least give us the option to use the old GUI.

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    Is it possible to use the old version? The new is absolute shit

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    Still no dark mode. Still no way to autofill a range of dates or a persistent entry for every day, like supplements, coffee, whatever.
    Very unfortunate update. I feel bad for the web designers taking such heat, but they could have gone through the old posts and found a lot of feature requests that didn't make it into this change.

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    This is really terrible. Tracking on the PC is so much harder to do with this interface. Please offer a classic mode while you tweak this. It's terrible. Everything is too big. I literally can't view the information I enter. Browsing the date is so hard without the calendar to click on. Things jump all over the place when editing entries. Over a decade on the platform and this might drive me off.

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    hey @Aaron , simply revert. you still do have the old code and the old visual assets for every platform.

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    @Aaron I know you since years. it takes a great leader to develop such an industry leading tool like cronometer. but it takes an even greater personality to admit failure of one's own decisions, concede loss of investment and do a full roll back. I did shit in my life many times... it is really okay if you do shit too sometimes...

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    I love the new user interface, it's what tipped me over to subscribing to Gold. I used cronometer in the past and wasn't a fan.

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