Adding by diary groups is offset by one

On the web, when you click on a diary group, it adds the item to the diary group below it.

In other words, if you have three groups breakfast, lunch and dinner and you highlight breakfast it will want to add it to lunch.

If you highlight dinner, the buttons won't work at all probably because the index is out of range.


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    Hi @evan5 Thanks for reporting! I havent been able to reproduce this issue! May I ask what browser you are using? Is it happening consistently?

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    I am using Vivaldi but I just tested on Firefox and it is the same there.

    It doesn't happen 100% of the time but it happens most of the time. More than 80% I would guess.

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    To illustrate better here is what is happening.

    First highlight dinner and click "ADD FOOD"

    Now pick a food, you can see "Other" is selected.

    However, when I save it, it goes to dinner which is what I selected originally.

    If I highlight "Other" and click "ADD FOOD"

    It does nothing at all. The only way to get food into the Other group is to select one of the other groups and then change it after.

    As a side note, you may note have difficult it is to see what is selected with this color scheme which uses nearly identical colors for everything.

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