Adds to wrong category w/ redesign

edited November 2022 in Help

All of this is new since the redesign was launched. You should be aware of this issue even if there isn't a way for me to fix on my end, surely your coders can address it. If they ever get out from under the mountain of other complaints.

I have three diary groups set up. They are not in order (due to a change I made ages ago - unfortunately if I alter it, all my previous data gets messed up).

With the redesign, when I add a food from the dashboard quick add, 1) it does not default to adding to my top category, it defaults to my third category (dem pills)

BUT, when I click "add to diary" it puts the selected food into the second group, Food & Drink. Even if I change the diary group on that page, it still places it in Food & Drink.

IS there a way to fix this on my side? If not, please open a support ticket? Thanks

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