Please add the Monthly Calendar, Energy History, and Weight Change back to the Diary window

Hi devs,

Can you please return the Monthly Calendar, Energy History, and Weight Change windows back to the Diary window? It was too useful to look/operate at-a-glance between the Diary and those modules on the old website. Now it's more cumbersome having to switch back-and-forth between the windows from the left menu; you can't even see them side-by-side next to each other.

Having the Monthly Calendar in full view there was also helpful to visually switch between your days more quickly; clicking on the Date to get the calendar is an extra unnecessary step that breaks that efficient workflow. It's so important (navigationally) that a space should be created in the Diary window for the Monthly Calendar as it was on the old site.

Thanks for hearing me out; please Please seriously consider making these changes. I know it can be a lot of work, but I guarantee it would make a world of difference for a lot of us.

  • Chris S.


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