How the new look sucks on Android

How exactly does the new look improve ANYTHING on Android? Instead, fonts are thicker and I can see less on an already small screen.

Please Cronometer team, point me to ONE improvement.

I'd understand if you wanted to make the text more accessible for people with impaired eyesight, but this is NOT the way to go about it. That's a function of the OS. Leave the dang app and design alone - you're only screwing it up.

Anyway, I've reverted to the previous version of the app, which fortunately I had backed up before installing the last one.


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    Wish users had the choice of a "Classic View" showing macros by food item versus the new update. This new update is really not helpful when planning a meal or recipe to stay within your macros. I cam constantly having to click on each item and write it down.. Help please.. I loved the visibility of the Macro details by line item on the diary of the old app.

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