Sharing Recipes - Do both users need to be Gold?

I'm a Gold member. If I want to share recipes with a "Friend", does the "Friend" also need to be a Gold member?

When I look at previous discussion about this on the Forum, I see conflicting answers.

I'm thinking the answer is yes. I added my husband (who is not a Gold member) as a "Friend" and he can't see my Custom Recipes and Custom Foods.

Would like a definite answer on this.


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    So the answer is YES - both members must be Gold.

    Having not received any replies to this post, I sent this question to Crono support, but after 3 weeks, I still have not yet received a response from Crono support. (A bit disappointing).

    Since I really wanted to share my recipes with my husband, I had him upgrade to Gold and now he can see my Custom Recipes and Custom Foods.

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