What Is It About Red Meat That Makes It Bad?

I'm trying to understand what is it about red meat that makes it a bad choice in your diet, while chicken, fish and other forms of protein are better for you.

Is it too much of a particular nutrient like saturated fat that is lower in other proteins, or is it something else? I've asked my doctor and don't get a specific answer. Is it something that doesn't show up by tracking nutrients? If it's something that doesn't show up by tracking nutrients, obviously there's nothing I can do except avoid red meat for the mysterious bad thing that it has.


  • For older guys it's the iron, beef is really good but depends how much you eat. It's bad to blacken meat on the BBQ coz of carcinogens. Multi vitamins for men over 50 have less iron.

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    I had a chance to bring this question up again with my new doctor after having some tests. He was impressed with the discipline I have in following strict exercise and nutrition habits (thanks to Cronometer) . He was more in a listening mode face-to-face than he was in a previous introductory teleconference, when he knew nothing about me. I asked him again what it was about red meat that makes it worse than fish and white meat. He answer was saturated fat. I realize that most things about nutrition are never that simple, so I took it as one factor.

    Your comment about iron is is one I'm not familiar with and need to educate myself. I am an older man of 70 years old so your comment would apply to me. Cronometer indicates an RDA of 8 mg of iron and an UL of 45 mg. I don't know if that range is adjusted for my age. My diet the last three months is right in the middle at 24.5 mg. So I think I'm okay in that regard, but will do more research

    Thanks for your comment..

  • trans fat is said to be the baddest, saturated fat can be bad but odd that my cholesterol is always bang on target and I'm on zero meds. My saturated fat today is 50mg, I had 6 strips of bacon and a burger earlier in the day, yesterday was 16mg.

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    I had tempeh last time my wife wanted bacon. I should watch my saturated fat levels. Cronometer helps me get my protein, I like to do intense weight training and yesterday was 140g.


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