Unexpected data displayed in Diary for "Net carbs"

edited December 2022 in Bug Reports

Hi there,
first of all thank you for the work you put into creating and maintaining this app, a life saver.

Still there is a behaviour that does not seem consistent.
When I configure it to "Track carbohydrates as Net Carbs", in
"Settings"/"Profile and Targets",
and then go back to Diary, I can see that the label and some of the numbers are updated in
"Diary/Macronutrient Targets". But not much other than the label is updated for
"Diary"/"Energy Summary"/"Calories Consumed" when I would expect some adjustment in the percentage of all of the macronutrients.

I've attached a couple of screenshots highlighting the change from "Total Carbs" to "Net Carbs".

Is this worth looking at?

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