Osteopenia and Osteoporosis diet optimization with weight loss.

So a few years ago I complained how hard it was to meet calcium goals while eating about 1100-1200 calories a day but have adjusted. One big adjustment is going from Greek yogurt to Regular yogurt as the regular has twice as much calcium, increasing tofu, and very importantly, dark leafy greens and brassicas with collards leading the pack for me...

Honestly, even with intermittent fasting if I get up to around 1400 calories I start gaining. I am walking 3 miles or so a day (building back up to 6) and about 14,000 steps but even with proper thyroid test results I just don't burn

One thing I am researching now is proper phosphorus levels. About the only processed foods I am eating are tofu and tempeh and the superfirm tofu does not log on nutrition label. I had read that more calcium than phosphorus 1:1 to 2:1 is optimal but grains, beans, nuts, and meats as protein sources have more phosphorus than calcium. How does one strike a balance. I am also shooting for 70-80g of protein a day but not doing keto so everything hovers around a 33% ration for the macros.

Right now I am 5'6" and 185lbs and 67yo. Trying to get down to 150lbs which is doable (I had lost a lot of weight going from 270-135 but then dropped off of daily planning for a few years and added a good bit back on - but I think the 135 was too lean for me). But I have significant osteopenia and a typical low dose BP medicine and statin.

The major factor that works for me vis a vis weight loss is no added sugar, no refined/processed foods such as flour/bread and lots of fiber as well as time restricted eating 12pm to 6pm.


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    EDIT. Also need to add muscle. It gets complicated. Drs office has a nutritionist but he is all about keto and I just cannot get through it and honestly it does not seem to work as well for me even when I comply.

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    @jocoyn On a similar journey... IF daily and feed 12:00 - 6:00 I eat two meals and rarely snack to resist spiking insulin. Your caloric intake is also similar and I exercise usually daily. Yes, I've had issues with the calcium...I don't eat dairy and coconut yogurt is not a source of calcium. I eat lots of greens daily in my lunch salad w/protein (legumes, beans, quinoa, tempeh, or tofu), and dinner often includes more green veggies. Since I've added the soy (tofu, tempeh, soy milk), it has helped me up both my protein/calcium targets.

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    @Phoenix4life I would love to compare notes as we go. I am trying to transition to higher calcium salad greens though being careful with too much raw spinach though I have never had a problem with the oxalates but gather they may interfere with calcium absorption. The tofu I am using is organic superfirm - though I do wonder how different is in than a supplement in regards to calcium since it is simply calcium sulfate used to coagulate the soymilk......

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    @jocoyn. I doubt you will be able to meet your calcium levels with greens only. I had struggled with calcium in the past mainly because my plant based diet did not include processed foods...just veggies, fruit, and some nuts, seeds, legume & beans. It has been resolved with the inclusion of soy products.

    My diet is usually a large green/veggie salad with a protein source (usually beans/quinoa). Dinner is usually tofu or tempeh with greens. I put tofu in a pan and sprinkle nutritional yeast/garlic on the tofu. (This resolves both calcium and improves protein issues.) It is accompanied with a veggie, usually broccoli or spinach that is cooked with tofu, raw in a protein drink. I will have a hot cup of soy milk with a scoop of protein powder.

    I am eating at a high deficient, attempting to meet all my nutritional needs. The balance between calorie restriction and not losing any current muscle mass is a challenge. A priority is nutritional needs met within my daily calories. When I am at my weight goal, I will up the protein and focus on body strength. I weight train usually six days a week currently.

    Yes, we can share here. Keep in touch and I'm wishing all your health goals come true in the New Year.😉

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    @phoenix4life you know, I do eat tofu and that does help but consider that it is not much different than taking a small dose 250mg Calcium Citrate with a meal as it is not actually a part of the food matrix. The calcium sulfate in tofu is added to coagulate the curds and that added to soy milk is a chemical additive.

    I often wonder if the higher calcium requirements in the RDA are based, in part, on the large meat consumption in the US as meat is high in phosphorus. I do have to wonder about the future bone impact of people on "Carnivore diets" Same with people who drink so many sodas. Living in a soft water area, the water is no help here and if I am buying mineral water, may as well just take the supplement.

    I guess my view on supplementing would be no more than what you can absorb at one meal (about 500mg) and no more total calcium than 1200mg a day. At least that is where I am setting the top.

    Keep posting and take care. Share any new insights as will I.

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