Weight ?

Been losing ~ 1# per day for the last week or so since tracking but all the sudden the last 2 days have added 1# each day, still staying within all my metrics.


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    A pound a day is unhealthy and unsustainable for long term weight loss. You'll probably loose weight quickly for the first 2-3 weeks when starting out, especially if you're making major changes to diet and exercise, but this is largely just water and excess carbs floating around your system that haven't fully been converted to fat yet. Once you're truly on your way (6+ weeks in) you'll eventually plateau and reach a point where you're losing only 1 pound per week (or less!)

    Crash diets with severe calorie restrictions can seem to work in the short term (you'll lose a bunch of weight in the first few weeks) but longer term your body will adjust and shut down, tanking your metabolism as your body thinks you're starving to death. When you eventually give up the diet, your metabolism won't bounce back quickly, and you'll almost certainly regain all the weight you lost and possibly even more.

    For long term weight loss you need to make sure you're eating enough to satisfy your basic nutrient requirements, especially Protein, to keep your body from metabolizing muscle along with the fat. Loss of muscle lowers your BMR, making it even harder to lose weight, as your body will burn calories at a slower pace.

    1. Get plenty of Protein. Consider adding a Protein supplement like Whey powder. Protein is essential to maintain good muscle growth and also takes longer to digest, making you feel full longer for the same number of calories
    2. Get plenty of exercise. Walk every day and try to get at least 30 minutes of 'moderate' exercise time each day. A brisk walking pace (not power-walk, just full strides at a comfortable pace) can easily get your heart rate up to 100+ and provides a very low impact exercise that most anyone can maintain daily
    3. Add some type of strength training at least one to two days per week. 30 minutes of body weight or resistance band training that can easily be done at home is super simple to maintain, and can make a ton of difference in preventing muscle loss while dieting
    4. Track your water intake and make sure you're getting over 100% every day. Some Fat is literally flushed out of your body via sweat and expelled by your kidneys, so drinking plenty of water can expedite flushing out the fat you've been working so hard to get your body to burn!

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