iOS - Widget Micronutrient Summary Not Updating

Hello team,

Today I just noticed my micronutrient summary is not updating on the Cronometer widgets on iOS.
Screenshot are attached.

What I've done prior to screenshot:

  • Opened app, returned to home screen and re-opened app -> Issue persists
  • Force closed app, re-opened and returned to home screen -> Issue persists
  • Logged out of app, logged back in, loaded app and returned to home screen -> Issue persists

From what I can see, the micronutrients affected for me are:

  • Sodium, Fiber and Vitamin E should be closer to 100% than they are
  • Calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C are a few % points off from the actual app. Iron is half of what the app reports
  • Calcium and Vitamin C are actually reported slightly higher on the widget than the app.
  • Potassium is accurate (and that's an important one for me!)
  • Actual macro percentages looks to be accurate



Unsure when this issue started but just noticed it today while tweaking my diary (a must!)

Kind regards,


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