Smarter prefilling of diary group when adding food to diary (eg. based on time of day)

Pretty straight forward:
When adding food to diary, it would be nice to have the diary group be prefilled. This could be done based on time of day. You could have some predefined / customisable time ranges assigned to diary groups in settings. So eg: in the morning, assign to breakfast. Around noon, assign to lunch. In de evening, assign to dinner. Would save me some time when entering foods throughout the day.
Bonus points may be earned for getting fancy and auto learning what foods are frequently assigned to what diary groups. I don't usually eat pizza for breakfast but cronometer has no problem suggesting this when I log my dinner :D


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    100% agree, I see with the latest update you can group food by meal time, however Milk for example can be had at anytime. Woudl love to be able to say 11-14:00 lunch etc etc

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