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We eat a lot of salads and I'm having trouble staying within my carb limit. I make a big salad a couple times a week with romaine or greens, cucumbers, radish, peppers, celery, any vegetable that looks good and it's putting me over on carbs. I only use balsamic/oil that I mix up. I usually have 1.5 cup salad for lunch and dinner. I hate to have to give up my salads too. Any suggestions?

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    What's your carb limit? Your vegetable salad sounds very low in carbs to begin with, and you're only eating 2x1.5 cups. Are you looking at net carbs or total carbs? I'd think it's safe to exclude the carb count in non-starchy vegetables.

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    On another page some one suggested doing an experiment and testing blood glucose after different meals and seeing what raises BG and what doesn't. Yesterday I tried it, before lunch BG was 91 after lunch of salad w/balsamic and oil, 2 boiled eggs and some almond butter and celery BG was 93, so that wasn't so bad. Today I'm going to try some chicken with lunch and see what happens.


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