Something is Wrong w/ Calories Calculations

I did contact support about a week ago but they are busy, so posting here to see if anyone knows.

For my calories and macros I set fixed amounts in both target scheduler and macronutrient settings. Under each of those settings, the app confirms that the macros I chose add up to the goal calories. However, when I log food, even though I am below my macro goals, it shows I reached or exceeded my calories already. What is causing this? See screenshots for clarification. Also I chose total carbs not net carbs so it is not that.


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    We would also need to look at the food you logged for the day to confirm where the problem is. For example, did your food source come from the more reliable databases such as the NCCDB, or from potentially inaccurate custom entries? Did you log any alcohol?

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    No alcohol logged and food from database. Sent two support tickets never heard back. Ended up canceling my subscription (need to see if I can be reimbursed what's left since I paid for a year) and leaving a bad review. There are other tools out there that work a lot better.

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