A grumpy rant: Quick PRAL calculations would be a godsend

So, I just read the cronometer article about PRAL, and I have some feelings about it. Firstly, let me say that I'm aware that there is very little scientific evidence that PRAL is a meaningful metric for the average person with functioning kidneys.

But I am not a person with functioning kidneys. And PRAL does have scientific evidence behind it as a nutritional tool for people with kidney disease. In my case specifically, as a person with renal tubular acidosis, it has been invaluable for the management of my blood pH.

My kidneys don't filter acid out of my blood, so I have to manage that myself in the same way that someone with Type1 diabetes has to actively and continuously manage their blood sugar. I'm ranting grumpily because I feel that cronometer is very dismissive of PRAL and seems to refuse to believe that it's beneficial to anyone at all. The article itself implies that you should have no reason to ever use this metric, because you have functioning kidneys.

Well, some of us don't, and it would be nice to be included. It would be awesome if finding the PRAL of a specific food was as easy as finding the fat content.

Anyway, thanks for attending my rant session. I hope you're all doing well and staying healthy.


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