Custom calories do not work.

edited March 2023 in Bug Reports

If I set the calories to 1,400, it does not show me 1,400 calories remaining. It shows me, the calories burned.

If set the weight goal to pounds per week, it shows me the remaining.

Also, if I add the Variable Calories Burned, it overrides my custom calories per day setting, on the screen to the right of the main screen. With a custom calorie amount per day set, on the main screen, the calories remaining are not shown correctly. If set to 1,400, it should show 1,400, and if I have the Variable Calories Burned setting turned on, it should still show 1,400 calories per day remaining. The Variable Calories Burned should only add to the calories burned, with an option to add them to the remaining. The screen to the right of the main diary shows my settings. However, if I turn on the Variable Calories Burned, it adds those calories to the maximum that I have allowed in the settings.

I can't explain it clearer, and more correctly currently.

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