Calories Burned discrepancy

Hello! I’m new to Cronometer and apologies if this has been asked but I can’t find it…

in my diary, the middle circle currently says I have burned 2334 kcal. But then in the caloric balance circle, it says that I have only burned 1862 kcal. This is a huge discrepancy, and it’s telling me I’m over my calorie intake for the day, when I was so careful not to eat more than my daily allowance.

Help? I see this also on completed days - the calories burned numbers never match and I am mystified.


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    My experience:

    Current age 55; 190lbs; daily calorie burn at sedentary = ~2000 per the app; additional exercise per day = 800-1000kcal; my daily logging is ruthlessly honest in terms of measurement - everything by weight or volume, by brand where available.

    I have been negative 700-1000 calories per day for 8 weeks per the app. Have not looked at a scale (de-motivational in my opinion). Checked scale today: 2lbs lost. Now, in fairness, I am working a body recompositioning program - build muscle while burning fat. My clothes are definitely looser; I have increased strength as measured by max lift by +60% in that time through all muscle groups and can see the musculature difference. Based on available research (including an intake of 200g daily protein), I should have gained max 4lbs of muscle in that eight weeks. I wouldn’t doubt it based on musculature. But, with my daily calorie deficit, I would expect to be down roughly 12 pounds of fat. So net, I should be down 8 pounds as opposed 2 pounds. To estimate daily exercise calories burned, I use available calculators on the Internet. I understand that they may not be the most accurate; however, if you do the math, it would indicate that there is a 700 cal per day miscalculation.

    Typical day is 2000kcal eaten, 2700- 3000 burned per Chrono BMR + exercise estimate. Current solution is to drop kcal to 1500/day - spartan to say the least given the daily carb/fat exercise burn. Frustrating, though I am grateful for some results.

    Any ideas as to what may be off? I’ve used the exercise burn calculators before with decent effect.

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    My diary shows Consumed, Burned, Remaining...Consumed comes from what I've added to the diary. Burned is my BMR (crono calculated or user set) plus my activy level (I use sedentary because my exercise is imported from Garmin). the third circle, remaining is Burned minus calories eaten minus what I need to lose weight. I have weight loss set to 1/2 pound a week so my 'minus' is 250 calories. 1815-864-250=701 (difference would be rounding. So, i can eat the remaining calories and lose 1/2 pound a week.

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