VPN users locked out?

I started using a VPN a few months ago, and I now find that I can't access Cronometer unless I temporarily disconnect my VPN. Is anyone else having this problem?

I have a Gold account, and am always logged into the account, so I don't know why my access is being blocked when my VPN is active.


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    I am wondering if that is my problem as well. I have been using a VPN for at least a month with no trouble. I cannot even log into the website on my iPhone without getting a forbidden error message. Works fine on my iPad which is not running vpn.

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    It turns out the Cronometer uses a website blacklist. After consulting with Cronometer's tech support, I switched my VPN's connection to a different location and Cronometer started working again. Funny how it only stops me from accessing Cronometer through that VPN connection and not my bank accounts' websites.

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    Thank you! I will try that. I sent a ticket, to Cronometer, but they replied they have a large amount ahead of me.

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    That worked! It must have blacklisted my the Alabama network???

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    It worked for me. Sometimes Cronometer still gives me the forbidden message so I just change the VPN connection and can see the site.

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    And here is what just happened to me on vers 1.70 (b-1659-f)

    not on vpn, kept receiving error message saying I needed an Internet connection in order to connect to mobile app.

    Connected to VPN and was able to connect through mobile app immediately. Disconnected from VPN and remained connected in mobile app.

    this is a showstopper bug- should be able to connect whether on VPN or not.

    Should add I am a gold subscriber.


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    I would add to my prior post that if i route my vpns via multiple hops back to near to where i signed up location it works.

    Further, if let the app start in the area i signed up in and then re-route the vpn it works.

    So i find the story about a list of blocked ip addresses evenharder to believe.

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