VPN users locked out?

I started using a VPN a few months ago, and I now find that I can't access Cronometer unless I temporarily disconnect my VPN. Is anyone else having this problem?

I have a Gold account, and am always logged into the account, so I don't know why my access is being blocked when my VPN is active.


  • I am wondering if that is my problem as well. I have been using a VPN for at least a month with no trouble. I cannot even log into the website on my iPhone without getting a forbidden error message. Works fine on my iPad which is not running vpn.

  • It turns out the Cronometer uses a website blacklist. After consulting with Cronometer's tech support, I switched my VPN's connection to a different location and Cronometer started working again. Funny how it only stops me from accessing Cronometer through that VPN connection and not my bank accounts' websites.

  • Thank you! I will try that. I sent a ticket, to Cronometer, but they replied they have a large amount ahead of me.

  • That worked! It must have blacklisted my the Alabama network???

  • It worked for me. Sometimes Cronometer still gives me the forbidden message so I just change the VPN connection and can see the site.

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