Define food ahead of time for each day with checkmarks to log what's been eaten

Cronometer is great but personally I would prefer to define my foods to eat ahead of time and have a checkmark approach to the diet instead of having to log the food every single time.

Wondering if this option is available and I'm just not seeing it?


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    I’m recommitting to committing to food I eat the night before. It’s one of the powerful techniques I used to release 35 pounds. I see why it would be cool to check off each item as you stick with it but I don’t think it’s a feature.

    Here’s something to consider which may or may not work for you… I try to keep modifications to the food I commit to eating the following day to a minimum. But things like discovering someone else ate it or you’ve run out definitely happen. When they do I simply update the food or quantity on chronometer when I review the meal or most often the 3 meals at the end of the day. As far as check marks go, I created a separate list on paper that includes both “Committing to food the night before”, and “sticking with my eating plan” as 2 items that I get to check off. I prefer this approach to checking off each item I eat because I’d rather not spend extra time/energy focusing on food.

    Blessings to you as you create the lifestyle that helps you accomplish your purposes!


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    I created a separate group in my diary called Planned where I pre-enter my meals. As I eat them I move them from Planned to Lunch (for example).

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