I am new here. I can tell that this app will take some getting used to. I used to use my fitness pal. For anyone that has used both. Which one do you like better?


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    I used MFP a couple of years ago to lose 40lbs on Keto with a FitBit and Renpho scale.
    Worked well.
    Now. I started with Cronometer a few days ago because I need to get back on a diet (gained about 25lbs back due to complacency) and found that MFP put the QR scanner behind a $20 paywall.
    Research on alternatives brought me here and I am thrilled.
    This app beats the ever lovin' crap out of MFP. It's faster - rocket faster - and easier to put in my recipes. It shows more info - MFP has ALL micronutrients behind their paywall - and it's been a snap to learn how to run it.

    Overall I would recommend this app highly and MFP VERY lowly.

    Let me say that I used MFP for a year and really liked using it and the results. I've recommended the combination of MFP, FItBIt and Renpho to many people, but won't going forward.

    Cronometer is MUCH superior to MFP. IMHO


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