Apple health workout calories too high. Is it possible to exclude specific workouts

I have apple health automatically syncing with cronometer, and so far this has worked great while running/walking etc

But today I did my first indoor cycle since using cronometer, and it automatically imports the calories from apple health for the workout. However apple health significantly over counts the calories when compared to zwift itself, which is directly measuring my power output for a more accurate computation.

I tried deleting the apple health workout and then adding a custom workout, but when i refresh cronometer it resyncs with apple health and adds it back in.

My current solution is to create a custom food with no nutrients and 1 calorie, then just add that the difference back in. And this works for giving me an accurate number for total calories remaining, but it leaves my macronutrient targets off because its calculating based on an erroneous total consumption number.

I really like having my apple health automatically sync, but wish i could have it exclude specific individual workouts!

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