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For the most part, I enjoy using this app. I don't mind the ad bars considering I'm using the "free" version; however, the full page ads that prevent you from using the app are invasive enough that I'm far more likely to uninstall the app and use something else than I am to pay $50 annually for the privileged of not being annoyed to death.


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    Costs a lot less to go Gold and not have ads! I get it, but you're getting a very good service, when you don't pay, Cronometer has to make money somehow, this stuff isn't free to develop or maintain,

    I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I'm actually logged in right now to complain myself, but be realistic. You get what you pay for, they don't work for free. If you like the app and what it does for you, support it.

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    To be frank, I don't appreciate the insinuation that I don't understand operating costs. I work for a development team myself, so I'm well aware.

    My request wasn't to remove ads altogether. It was to move away from full-page ads that literally block you from using the app for several seconds. That business model relies on annoying your customer into paying you, and it's not a great model.

    At the moment, Cronometer does not offer the user an affordable way to remove the ads. It's either free with invasive ads, or it's $50/yr for the entire feature stack. If there were an affordable option that compensated for the ad revenue stream, I think people would see enough value to pay for it. At the moment, Cronometer is asking people to pay the same price as MyFitnessPal ($50/yr) while having far less brand awareness.

    They need to either remove the full page ads, or they need to offer an affordable option to bridge the gap between the free version and the full version.

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    I just got a full screen ad that popped up right as I was entering the logging data screen. That was the most user unfriendly experience I have ever experienced in any app. Even worse, the ad makes my phone speaker emit a buzzing sound when I'm swiping across it?

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