Improve Food Search

The food "search" functionality (Foods > Search Foods) in the browser app could use improvement. The data and display of the food is terrific, but the search function is not.

I often want to look at multiple versions of a food that has a lot of versions (e.g. salmon) to check out the nutrients listed, availability of serving sizes, etc. on several of the options to see which is the best fit. I think I'm probably not the only one...

But when I use the food search, these 3 things combine to make it hard:
1. Limited Info in Search Results: I get my results list in a pop-up that only tells me source (not e.g. number of listed nutrients, macros), and unlike the "Add to Diary" pop-up, this window doesn't provide me with a preview of the food I've highlighted. So it's really hard to narrow down likely candidates from the search results pop-up. This alone wouldn't be a big deal, but for the next two things.
2. Can't View Multiple Options: If I do want to look closer at a specific food, it's not possible to open in a new tab, so I can't select multiple foods at the outset. Again, not a big deal alone, but...
3. Can't Return to Search Results: If I select one of the foods then use the "back" button to go back, I can't go back to my search results, but have to enter the search term again!

The result is that I often have to run the same keyword search 7 or 8 times, taking screenshots of the data and opening them in a separate app, to find out which version of the food to select.

Thanks for a great product and for reading this. I love Cronometer, but this is a frustrating limitation!

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