Adaptive TDEE calculation, is it ever coming?

Great app, been Gold for years, but this has been asked a handful of times and unless I've missed it, it's never been answered officially. Are we ever getting an Adaptive TDEE model like a handful of other trackers have?

We can track completely insane things, many of which only apply to the few, yet can't have the app figure out our TDEE based on our results and weigh ins? That's literally the most valuable thing a macro tracker can offer given it's core purpose.

Having a Mifflin St Jeuor guess at my TDEE which is overestimated by almost 1000 cals isn't helpful, but at least I can see that and know it's wrong. How many can't? At least if I set a goal and then the results show it's wrong, it could adjust until I'm dialed in and losing at the goals specified.

MacroFactor, Carbon and MM+ all offer this, why is this still not an option for the most feature rich Macro Tracker there is? I've been holding out for this for 2 cycles of paying for Gold now, starting to question my sanity here. I'd love to stay loyal, but c'mon!

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