Adaptive TDEE calculation, is it ever coming?

Great app, been Gold for years, but this has been asked a handful of times and unless I've missed it, it's never been answered officially. Are we ever getting an Adaptive TDEE model like a handful of other trackers have?

We can track completely insane things, many of which only apply to the few, yet can't have the app figure out our TDEE based on our results and weigh ins? That's literally the most valuable thing a macro tracker can offer given it's core purpose.

Having a Mifflin St Jeuor guess at my TDEE which is overestimated by almost 1000 cals isn't helpful, but at least I can see that and know it's wrong. How many can't? At least if I set a goal and then the results show it's wrong, it could adjust until I'm dialed in and losing at the goals specified.

MacroFactor, Carbon and MM+ all offer this, why is this still not an option for the most feature rich Macro Tracker there is? I've been holding out for this for 2 cycles of paying for Gold now, starting to question my sanity here. I'd love to stay loyal, but c'mon!


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    CRONOMETER! Why is this question ignored and never officially addressed when it comes up?

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    Like @fitgirl already pointed out we do have this. Here's are links to the manual pages https://support.cronometer.com/hc/en-us/articles/360060308411-Energy-Burned and https://support.cronometer.com/hc/en-us/articles/360060616191-Energy-Summary and an external link explaining what Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) is https://verywellfit.com/what-is-energy-expenditure-3496103

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    That's not what adaptive TDEE is, that's making a guess and running with it. Pay attention to what MacroFactor, Carbon, and MM+ are doing.

    Macros change to keep you on goal based on your weigh ins, while ignoring flucuation weight. Not making a calculated guess and then not reacting to it when it doesn't work.

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    Agree with above. I track my TDEE in an xls and this requires inputting multiple variables. Calories, weight and my activity. I then run a 7 day or 14 day average on these.

    Then adding in goals such as gain/lose X per week would put Cronometer on the top for all apps. Macrofactor is slowly going to eat your lunch if this enhancement is not made...

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    Exactly! It's beyond insulting that the officials are blatantly ignoring this, I attempted to do what you're doing, had my spreadsheet genious wife make me one that did it, she made it pretty insane with what it could pull off (financial consultant) but even with everything it did, while it could calculate a pretty good TDEE, what it couldn't do was account for the day to day fluctuations in weight and know "learn" what your normal float range so it could be disregarded and not make jumpy decisions (or) see the writing on the way early and make tweaks when it decided something was up.

    I've been using MacroFactor for a little over a year now, completely because of this, their devs (unlike these) are very active in their communities, most are former Cronometer users themselves, so they see what we do, tons of options that apply to the 1%, and ignoring what's important to the majority of people who track. Given most of the users are also former Cronometer users, they've added a ton this year like the more granular nutrient tracking that many of us have missed.

    It's like Crono want's to get beat by them or something, from what I can see in the Fitness and Lifting world (huge amount of the people tracking), they've already lost.

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    edited July 2023

    snatele42 This spreadsheet is quite good. All it needs is your calories and weight. Now where could I find that stuff?!?

    Cronometer. How about this? Can I use API calls into Crono and pull this info out myself? I will develop an app called Crono-TDEE and link to your system. I bet I can have it developed in less than 10 business days!

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