Phytates, also a Calcium to Phosphorus Balance

I'd like to see a measure for Phytates (Phytic Acid) under "General" in the nutrition scores, just like you have for the Oxalate content of food. Phytates are anti-nutrients & this is a good thing to keep a track of. My apparently high phytate diet has been implicated in my low levels of iron (among other things), in spite of being a meat eater & also taking elemental iron for a long stretch of time. Possibly lectins also, but mainly phytates.

I'd also like to see a thing for Calcium to Phosphorus Balance in the Nutrient Balances section. I pay good attention to my Calcium to Magnesium balance, but didn't realise that my efforts to keep this in check meant that I was overdoing the phosphorus (which unfortunately comes packaged with calcium in all foods that are not off the charts high in oxalates). My phosphorus intake has still been still within a normal range, but it's been out of balance with calcium. This has been implicated in periods of being hypocalcaemic & also early onset osteoporosis (in spite of optimal Vit D levels).

Thanks for your consideration (hopefully).

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