Calories not totalling up correctly

At the top of the page, my calories don’t add up properly- how can I be over my ‘energy’ when I haven’t reached 100% of all my macros? The macro % is set up correctly in settings.


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    I'm experiencing the exact same thing!

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    Yesterday all totals started doubling or tripled … not sure why

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    You may be trying to calculate this incorrectly. 1g of protein, 1g of carbohydrate and 1g of fat will all have different caloric values (energy). You can't just total marconutrient target percentages for protein, carbohydrate and fat as shown in your dairy under marconutrient target and expect it to equal energy, if in fact that is how you are doing it.

    If you want to see the percentage breakdown of your marconutrient targets for what you are consuming that day, hover over the consumed circle under energy summary in diary and it will display.

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    Mmm…in my case it was user error. Apparently without my glasses on I entered 25 cups of shredded cheese…and then copied it a few times…ooops

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