Nutrition field of salt missing

How is that possible there is no field to add salt? The very basic nutrient! Sodium and salt and not same, but i need track both! Pls add field for adding salt amount to a food...

Thank you!!!


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    Interesting comment...I looked it up:
    Amount Of Sodium in Salt
    Since sodium levels are so critical to so many chemical reactions in your body, the amount of sodium you eat or drink has important implications for your health. If you are trying to regulate or limit your intake of sodium, you need to realize the quantity of salt you eat is related to the amount of sodium** **but is not the same****. This is because salt contains both sodium and chlorine, so when salt dissociates into its ions, the mass is divided (not equally) between sodium and chlorine ions.

    The reason salt isn't just half sodium and half chlorine is because a sodium ion and a chlorine ion don't weight the same amount.

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