Target range for macros

i would prefer to have target ranges instead of fix targets for macro nutrients.

when i plan my eating i aim to get more than my minimum of fats and proteins and than fill the rest with carbs depending if i want to gain lose or maintain.

my request is to have a third option to percentages and fixed values so you could set protein to a range from 2.2 g - 3g / kg bodyweight and fat to 0.5g - 1g / kg bodyweight.


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    thats already implemented. thanks for letting me know :D

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    Hi, I'm a bit confused, I see the reply saying this is already implemented, but I don't see the comment this is replying to, and I can't figure out how to do this with my macros! I want the same thing, I'm not really bothered about macro ratios, but I do want to eat a minimum amount of protein relative to my body weight, then perhaps set a maximum for the carbs and fat (although this is less important to me than the protein target).

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    Hi Sqsh
    Same here, I have a minimum and maximum treshold for protein and fat set up.

    Its easy, next to the "Energy Summary" window you have the "Macro Nutrient Targets" window. There you have " Energy", "Protein", "Net Carbs" and "Fat" with corresponding bars. Just click on a bar and a window opens where you can set a "Daily Target" and "Maximum Treshold".

    Would be really cool if it was possible to set this up with a calculation on lean body mass.

    I guess you are into lifting weights. 0.5g-1g/kg LBM of fat is enough to support bodily funcionts (look it up yourself). Having more fat isn't necesserily bad but having more carbs has the benefits of giving you better pumps, soreness and make you look fuller.

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