Net calories are wrong in the graph - they are not taking in account original TDEE for the day

edited May 2023 in Bug Reports

I am looking at graph Net calories and it shows net calories with regards of current TDEE, not the TDEE at that day. For me that is difference of 200 calories. I have 998 set deficit. Example: for instance March 9 - results from the diary page: https://imgur.com/a/WVBEmut - 660 calories remaining so total net calories are 1658. But if I look at the graph of net calories: https://imgur.com/a/CMS7R81 it shows 1462.243 calories. About 200 calories difference - same as with my current TDEE vs TDEE at that day. Which is why the whole Energy (Net) graph is wrong and shows no tendencies despite me eating 200 calories on average less (I keep on average 1500 calories deficit).

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