Recipe variants creation

I want to be able to easily create recipe variations without having to re-enter a brand new one for every variation that I make. I create a lot of recipes on the fly, especially sauteed vegetables. What about using AI here? Like the ability to start with a category, such as a vegetable side dish? From there, cronometer could offer a number of choices to select from, such as carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, onion. Then you can quickly add them to your recipe and after that adjust all the quantities. The value of chronometer is really in all of the different micronutrients that it tracks. It's an invaluable way to track certain differences in different types of vegetable dishes. For example, take the difference in nutrients between green peas and edamame beans. While they're very similar, the nutrients are very different.


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    At the moment my workaround for this is using the "adjust recipe" feature in the mobile app, where I can open an existing recipe and add/adjust/remove ingredients as necessary, without creating an entirely new recipe. But I like the idea of having a more dedicated way of dealing with recipes I regularly cook but tend to tweak each time.

    At the very least, I'd like to see the adjust recipe feature available in the web app, it's frustrating to be restricted to the mobile app to do this!

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