Natural Folate not included in Nutrition facts

So in an attempt to track my nutrients and make sure I am hitting my goals I try to check my weekly stats to see what kind of foods I need to eat to balance out for the week.

Today, I saw I was at 60% for Folate so I search online to see what foods are high in folate and what it actually does for my body. To my surprise, one of the top foods is brussel sprouts. But...I eat brussel sprouts all the time. I literally microwaved a bag of steamable frozen brussel sprouts yesterday and ate the whole thing. So, why is it not on my list of top foods when I click the folate category?

I check the nutrition facts and no folate is listed. Back to Google for a search and apparently nutrition facts only list folate if it is added to the food, not if the food has it naturally.

It's disheartening to realize that even when I am on top of tracking my foods with the app, I still am not getting an accurate account due to this.

Are there any other foods you know of like this that the nutrients aren't listed and able to be tracked via barcode scan on the app if they are naturally occurring so I can keep an eye out?


  • Brussels Sprouts, Cooked from Frozen, Food #465065, Data Source: NCCDB, shows 81 listed nutrients, a 1 cup serving has 225.16 μg of folate.

    From the user manual "If your priority is to use the most detailed information for a food, we recommend choosing entries from the NCCDB (Nutrition Coordinating Center Food & Nutrient Database) or USDA SR28 (United States Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference) in the Common Foods Tab. These entries along with those found from the CNF (Canadian Nutrient File) and IFCDB (Irish Food Composition Database) have compiled results from lab analyses and research papers to provide us with a comprehensive nutrient profile."

  • Thank you! I'll start doing that instead of using the barcodes.

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