Social/community features

I recently started using the Hevy app for logging my workouts, and I really like their social features. Every workout is almost like an instagram post, and you can follow other users and like their workouts and comment on them.

I just had the thought that it would be pretty sweet if I could do the same thing here, but with my diet. Being able to "publish" my diary with some commentary text and a picture/video would really increase the social interaction and community aspect of Cronometer.

So I'm just gonna leave that idea here, in case you want to expand the site/app in the future.


  • I recognize many users really enjoy social features and find them motivating. It's probably a good idea to have such features.

    But were more significant social features in place for Cronometer, I'd only ask that they be optional and easily avoided for those of us who would prefer not to use them. One of the things I love about Cronometer is its lack of a significant social component, and those kind of social components (and/or social media integration) in many of the other tools drove me away from them.

    It's a good idea - but if its possible to make it low-key and easily avoidable, that'd be great for folks like me who dislike social media and prefer privacy.

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